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Binh Anh is the first company in the Vietnam which have product standard monitoring equipment for car journeys
Reciprocate the trust of customers about the technology possibility of the BinhAnh company, leader of the company BinhAnh announce:
"BinhAnh is the first company to be certified as a unit of the domestic manufacturers have products in accordance with national technical regulation QCVN 31: 2011-BGTVT on monitoring equipment for car journeys (circular 08/2011/TT-BGTVT on 08/03/2011).
BA1-Blackox is the first product to reach the national technical regulation and the Ministry of Transportation certification on 17/06/2011."
According to Decree 33 & 34 will delay the sanctions in 2013. However, under Decree 91, date 07.01.2011, to be licensed, passenger cars, passenger cars and vehicles should be fitted TBGSHT container in accordance with national technical standards QCVN 31:2011 / BGTVT and there must be agreement and acceptance of equipment installation supervision journey.
So if you have the means of the above must immediately prepare plans to no effect, disruption to the transportation business for the duration of application was very close. Please contact the following numbers for advice:
04.3 642 5009
0986 44 88 33
0985 87 95 95
0978 56 56 09

Mark of conformity will be on product when BA1-commercial Blackbox:
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